Seasonal Specials

Chocolate brownies dipped in a creamy chocolate ganache, decorated with either melted white chocolate or…

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  • Quantity : Minimum of 6
  • Price : $2 each
Chocolate cupcake with a strawberry or raspberry buttercream icing, topped with a Valentine's Day chocolate…

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  • Quantity : Minimum of 6
  • Price : $2 each
Customize a vanilla or chocolate shortbread cookie topped with chocolate ganache. Cookies can be individually…

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  • Quantity : Minimum of 6
  • Price : $3 each
A plain and chocolate marble shortbread topped with chocolate drizzle and sprinkled of peppermint. 

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  • Quantity : 12 Large or 24 Small
  • Price : $15
A twist from your classic chocolate brownie - perfect for the holidays! 

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  • Quantity : 6, 12 and 24
  • Price : $9, $16 and $30
This is a great hostess gift or a delicious sweet and salty treat to snack…

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  • Quantity : 250g bag
  • Price : $5

About Me

Inspired by my Mom, 101 Temptations takes my passion for baking and gives you a taste of my delectable sweets and healthy treats! 

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A portion of all sales goes to The Sanfilippo Children's Research Foundation

Please visit to learn more about this charity so close to my heart.

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